7 Yummy Tips to Make a Low Calorie Cheesecake ...

By Heather

Strawberry cheesecake was always one of my favorite desserts for summer, so I thought I would share a few ways you can make a low calorie cheesecake instead of the higher calorie versions most of us grew up loving. n fact, this low calorie cheesecake isn’t only diet-friendly but it’s actually good for you too. When making low calorie foods, always aim to crowd out the calories with more nutritious ingredients. This can take some creativity at first but you’ll get the hang of it in no time. Unconventional ingredients can actually improve the taste, flavor, and benefits of the foods you eat. So sit back and check out these seven tips that make a low calorie cheesecake taste off the charts delicious!

1 Start with the Crust

To make a healthy crust for your low calorie cheesecake, start with the best part first - the crust. Instead of using cookies or graham crackers like most recipes call for, use 1 cup rolled oats and grind them in your food processor to break them down into a finer consistency. Add ½ cup ground flax and process again. Lastly, add just a tablespoon of coconut oil to help everything bind together, process again, and there you go! It’s now ready to spread into a prepared pan or you can bake it and toast it until just golden brown.

2 Use a Different Base

Next, it’s time to make the cheese part of your cheescake. Instead of using high fat cream cheese, here’s what you can do instead: use 1 cup nonfat plain Greek yogurt, 2 tablespoons nonfat cream cheese, and 1 cup nonfat cottage cheese. Process all of the mixture in a blender with two teaspoons of liquid stevia and scrape that into your prepared crust. Adding just a pinch of real cream cheese gives it that strong intense cheesecake flavor and the cottage cheese and Greek yogurt will still lend that thick, creamy consistency you love, without adding any fat.

3 Fresh Fruit

If you like fruit flavored cheesecake, then be sure to choose real fruit instead of processed canned fruit, which has added sugar. Pie fillings are even worse, as are cheesecake filling products. You can either place the fruit on top of your cheesecake or puree it first to blend into your cheesecake batter

4 Choose Cocoa

Perhaps chocolate cheesecake is your favorite - I don’t blame you! Instead of using high fat chocolate products that also have added sugar, use regular or dark cocoa powder. It’s very low in fat, high in antioxidants, contains no sugar, and tastes great! You can blend it into your filling or even with the crust.

5 Use Nuts Sparingly

Perhaps you like pecans, walnuts, or almonds in your cheesecake. Instead of using whole nuts and using a large amount, try buying a small bag of pre-sliced nuts (found in the baking aisle) and use them sparingly throughout your recipe. They’ll still give you a great flavor but won’t add as many unwelcome calories.

6 Skip the Butter

Many cheesecakes use butter either in the crust or the filling but you should skip the butter if you want to eliminate excess cholesterol, fats, and calories that you don’t really need.

7 Sweeten with Cinnamon

Aside from stevia, which is great to use in a low calorie cheesecake recipe, try a sprinkle of cinnamon. It will lend a sweet, calorie-free flavor that’s also helpful to your blood sugar. Plus, it adds a pretty touch so you’ll feel like you’re eating something extra special.

These tips are easy enough for anyone to do and they create a delicious, low calorie cheesecake that you may find yourself making more often than you think. This is a dessert I make and eat often myself and it’s so much healthier than those fake, low-calorie whipped cream products often used in recipes today. What’s your favorite cheesecake flavor?

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