You Need to See These Wedding Cakes That Aren't White ...

By Eliza

The traditional wedding cake is white, but that doesn't mean you have to go with that color. There are lots of fabulous ideas that will help you choose the cake of your dreams, even if that means no white to be seen. Thinking you want something for your wedding that isn't white? Check out these delicious and unique creations. What flavor will your cake be?

1 Ombre Circles

wedding cake,food,floristry,party,flower,You can customize this cake with your own wedding colors.

2 Tiffany Blue

wedding cake,christmas tree,cake decorating,christmas decoration,wedding ceremony supply,This color is super popular right now so it makes a great cake color.

3 Green for Flowers

wedding cake,green,food,cake,sugar paste,Ever seen a green cake? This one looks pretty great, don't you think?

4 Gold and Shiny

wedding cake,yellow,buttercream,food,wedding ceremony supply,It just makes sense to have a gold wedding cake to match your new gold rings.

5 Pretty in Pink

pink,wedding cake,food,buttercream,cake decorating,Nothing wrong with a pink wedding cake!

6 Gold and Turquoise

wedding cake,cake decorating,buttercream,sugar paste,food,This is pretty fantastic, isn't it?

7 It's All in the Details

wedding cake,cake,buttercream,icing,food,This would be a magical cake to complement your fairy tale wedding.

8 Pink Ombre

pink,wedding cake,buttercream,icing,petal,What a glorious cake this is! Do you love it?

9 Rainbow Cake

wedding cake,cake,food,cake decorating,dessert,Sure, it's white in the background, but the rainbow flowers make it really stand out.

10 Venetian Design

food,cake,dessert,cake decorating,icing,Rumor has it that this was the cake George Clooney had at his wedding.

11 Beautiful Purple

wedding cake,purple,cake,food,cake decorating,I bet you're dying to have a purple cake right now, aren't you?

12 Lovely Blue Color

wedding cake,blue,cake,food,birthday cake,Not only is this totally unique, but it's a cool way to incorporate some color into a plain white cake.

13 Bright Summer Colors

pink,yellow,cake,orange,flower,Nothing could be more perfect for a summer wedding than this cake.

14 Totally Romantic

wedding cake,pink,buttercream,food,cake,This colors and design of this wedding cake make it a really romantic choice.

15 Black, White and Gray

black,food,wedding cake,cake,dessert,Would you ever have a cake that looks like this one?

16 Blue Floral

wedding cake,sugar paste,cake decorating,food,cake,There's nothing not to love about a bright blue wedding cake.

17 Painted with Flowers

wedding cake,cake,cake decorating,food,dessert,This totally intricate cake is stunning, isn't it?

18 Naked Wedding Cake

wedding cake,flower arranging,flower,floristry,floral design,This is called a naked wedding cake and I think it's totally spectacular.

19 With a Touch of Yellow

wedding cake,buttercream,food,dessert,icing,The yellow is totally unexpected, but really awesome at the same time.

20 Bright Red

pink,red,flower,centrepiece,wedding,Red is always a fun color choice for a wedding.

21 Marsala Wedding Cake

wedding cake,pink,cake,buttercream,quinceañera,This deep wine color is trending in a big way right now. Can you see why?

Are you going with a wedding cake that isn't white? Which of these do you love best?

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