Why is Baking the Newest Makeup Trend

By Eliza

You know all about baking in the kitchen, but did you know there’s a new (to us, but old in some circles) makeup trend that goes by the same name? It turns out to be something that lots of makeup artists and experts are getting behind. Could it work for you? I think so! The trend is picked up from the television community style of makeup application, and is something they are getting just right! Here’s everything you ever needed or wanted to know about baking.

1 What Exactly is This Baking Thing?

Baking, a technique that is sometimes called cooking, is a method of contouring. It’s used to give you a flawless finish when you complete your makeup look. People have apparently known about it for years, but it’s now becoming more mainstream as a way to set your face and make it look even more beautiful than it already is.

2 Here’s What You Need to Master Baking on Your Face

The great news about baking is that you won’t need a ton of fancy materials or tools to get the job done. All you need is some translucent powder and your usual concealer and foundation. That’s it! The three products together let you try baking and are bound to be ones that you keep on hand at all times from now on.

3 The Technique is Super Easy to do

It’s not hard to try baking. Go ahead and apply your foundation and concealer like you usually do. Then top it with the translucent powder to set the whole thing. Now is when the magic happens. Instead of being done, wait about five to 10 minutes, then gently brush off the powder. What you should have is a flawless look without having to worry about your products migrating into fine lines and wrinkles.

4 This is How It Works

When you let the powder rest on your face, your body heat warms it up. This is what sets your makeup. By brushing it off, you ensure a smooth flawless finish without makeup collecting in the creases. You get the benefits of the powder without the disadvantages often associated with using it.

5 You Can Use Baking to Get Extra Coverage in Certain Places

There are some variations to the baking trend that allow you to use it for more full coverage on areas that need a little help, such as under your eyes. Makeup experts say you can apply very thick concealer to problem areas, then pat the powder into it. Again, you’ll wait about 10 minutes, before removing any residual powder. If you don’t need additional coverage, skip the concealer if you want.

6 The Look Isn’t Right for Normal Every Day Wear

Most often, baking is used as stage makeup or for people appearing on camera. Makeup experts say it’s probably not useful for normal wear. Why? Because you’ll have a lot of product on your face and it could look unnatural or weird when people are standing close to you. Try it next time you’re having professional photos taken or you need a really good selfie.

7 It Takes Tons of Practice to Get It Right

Chances are that it’s going to take some practice to master the art of baking. You’ll have to experiment to figure out how much product to use and where exactly to place each one of your products. Experiment until you get it right instead of waiting until you need it and you’ll be a lot happier.

Have you ever tried baking? Do you think you’ll ever give a try?

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