What Wine Goes Best with Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookies

By Eliza

It’s Girl Scout cookie time and chances are you’re stocking your cupboards with Samoas, Tagalongs and Thin Mints, right? They make the perfect treat when you want to indulge and if you ask me, a cookie is the perfect way to end a day. If you like wine with your snacks, there’s great news. You can pair your favorite Girl Scout cookie with a glass of wine for the best combo of tastes you’ve ever had. Here’s how.

1 Sparkling Wine is Wonderful with Trefoils

Trefoils are one of my favorites. This shortbread cookie has a mildly sweet and buttery taste that makes it perfect to match with a sparkling white wine. The bubbly flavor and texture of the wine pairs just right with the creamy, crumbly texture of the cookie and the dessert aspects of the wine make it a match made in heaven.

2 Riesling is Your Perfect Choice for Savannah Smiles

Savannah Smiles are a lemony, sugar cookie that are fairly new in the Girl Scout cookie game. Their flavor is great with Riesling, which is a dessert wine, because it often has a dry taste that balances the sweet and sour flavor the lemon and sugar coating the cookie. Experiment with your favorite Riesling because I think you are going to like what you taste.

3 You Want a Rioja when You Eat Samoas

The coconut, caramel and chocolate that makes a Samoa so absolutely wonderful pairs in the best way with a glass of Rioja. The red wine makes for the perfect balance of sweet and nutty that you get when you eat the cookie. I can’t imagine a much better way to end my day than with a gooey chocolate cookie and tall glass of red wine. Are you with me?

4 Something Fruity is Ideal with do-Si-Dos

If peanut butter sandwich cookies are your vice, then you probably love Do-Si-Dos. This delicious cookie is the perfect choice for matching with a fruity wine. A white is a great choice, but if you prefer red, there are plenty of options in that color too. The trick is to find something with a light body so that you balance the peanut butter instead of overwhelming it.

5 Pinot Noir Goes Wonderfully with Thank U Berry Much

Berry cookies are one of the newer offerings from the Girl Scouts, but they are pretty popular because they have a sweet, fruity taste that can’t be beat. A nice red Pinot Noir is your ideal pairing with the berry treats. That’s because the fruity undertones of the wine totally enhance the berry taste of the cookies.

6 Amarone is Yummy when You Pair It with Tagalongs

To me, Tagalongs are one of the greatest cookie choices because there’s peanut butter and chocolate all mixed in one tasty treat. Amarone is a great choice for drinking with the cookie because they have just enough body to bring the flavors of the cookie to life, but without totally taking over the taste. You never want to cover up the flavor of chocolate, right?

7 Top the Day off with Port and Thin Mints

If you’re not an avid drinker of port, today is the day to give it a try. Port tastes wonderful with Thin Mints, especially if you keep the cookies in the freezer so they are cold and crisp when you bite into them. If you want to impress guests, give them Thin Mints and port for dessert and you’ll be everyone’s favorite person!

Which Girl Scout cookie is your favorite? Which wine do you want to drink with it?



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