Delicious Valentine's Day Desserts when You Don't Know What to Eat ...

By Jasmine

Wondering what to eat for dessert on Valentine's Day? Can you believe that we are already in February? Before we know it, it will be 2019. Happy early Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day is on Wednesday and I already have some ideas of what I want to eat for dessert. So, I decided to make a few store-bought dessert recommendations for you guys to check out as well. These items are not healthy desserts and they were chosen based on my dessert preferences so be prepared to see a lot of chocolate on this list. Here's what to eat for dessert on Valentine's Day this year.

1 Trader Joe’s

They have so many delicious items but two items in the Fearless Flyer’s frozen section caught my eye. The first is the Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie and it looks incredible. You can find quite a few reviews already and everyone seems to love it. This item is one pound with ten reasonable servings and only 200 calories. The best part is the price: $3.99! I for one cannot wait to buy one or five of these. The second dessert is the Chocolate Filled Crepe. You can actually get about seven picture perfect crepes for $2.69. The serving size is three crepes for 330 calories and I don’t think you can beat that, especially for such a low price. If either of these desserts are half as good as their macarons, then I will live in their freezer section.

2 Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s has the best ice cream and there is no competition. I know there are adamant Haagen Dazs fans and yes, their ice cream is also decadent creamy goodness. However, nothing can beat the flavor variety and powerful mix-ins used by Ben & Jerry’s. I would like to put a spotlight on their new ice cream flavors as well as their new low-calorie ice cream line. Their new ice cream flavors are Caramel Chocolate Cheesecake, Chillin’ the Roast, Chocolate Shake It, and One Sweet World. I am very impressed by these new flavors, but I might be more excited about their new light ice cream line: Moo-phoria! They currently have three flavors: chocolate milk & cookies, caramel cookie fix, and P.B dough.

3 Conclusions

I plan on trying all of these items in the very near future and maybe some of you will too. Let me know in the comments if you have any Valentine’s Day treat suggestions, a favorite ice cream brand, or a favorite flavor.

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