7 Ways to Overcome Temptation and Ditch Those Extra Pounds ...

By Tara

As you eyeball the cake in your work break room, you may be searching for ways to overcome temptation. The retirement cake, birthday muffins and aroma of the new cafeteria menu tempt you daily. And just when you think you are free and clear of giving in, as you drive home, the aroma of burgers from the local restaurant pervade the area. There is temptation everywhere. So how do you overcome this temptation and lose weight without feeling deprived? Here are the ways to overcome temptation and ditch those extra pounds:

1 Carry Healthy Snacks

One of the simplest things you can do to avoid temptation is to carry healthy snacks like a banana, apple or some homemade trail mix. If you carry these snacks, this is one of the easiest ways to overcome temptation because in the event of the mid-day office celebration flooded with treats, you can munch down on your healthy snack and you will feel less likely to gorge on sweets.

2 Drink Water Throughout the Day

Drinking plenty of water daily can help flush toxins from your body and also help reduce your hunger pangs. Since hunger is most often confused with thirst, a cold glass of water may help reduce or even eliminate that late night craving, so drink up!

3 Clear Temptation from Your Home

Throw out the leftover pie from the weekend guests, get rid of any other junk food that may be hiding in your food pantry and start on the right food. To reduce your temptations, getting rid of unhealthy foods is one of the easiest and most effective things to do.

4 Give in to the Occasional Treat

Every now and then it is okay to give in to the occasional treat but the key is to focus on moderation. Have a small scoop of ice-cream rather than a large sundae or better yet, make your own ice cream with Greek yogurt and frozen strawberries in a blender.

5 Make Fitness a Healthy Habit

I bet you do not avoid brushing your teeth or start listing off excuses chalking it up to lack of time. Give your fitness the same priority that you give your teeth in bettering your oral health. If you make time for your fitness you will reduce your temptations and help ditch those extra pounds.

6 Always Eat Breakfast

Research supports that breakfast eaters make healthier food choices throughout the day. The key is to choose lean protein like eggs for breakfast rather than a sugary cereal. This will help reduce your cravings, boost your metabolism and enable you to make better food choices throughout the day.

7 Never Eat out of Emotion

Temptations most often occur when your emotions are in turmoil. So often we turn to a bucket of ice cream when we are sad, when the healthy smoothie is what our body really needs or even better, a workout.Keep your head up high and do not give in to emotional eating.

Now that you know the ways to overcome temptation and ditch those extra pounds, are you ready to transform your life? Then ditch all the sweets from your life and give in to the love of bettering your health. Every day you make a choice so decide today, who do you want to be? Live the life you deserve.

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