7 Thanksgiving Desserts Your Guests Will Find Adorable ...

By Holly

Thanksgiving isn't all about the turkey. Once all of your guests are done eating dinner, you should have some delicious desserts ready for them to munch on. After all, it's the one day when you shouldn't be worried about how much you're eating. If you want to make something adorable for your Thanksgiving feast, here are a few desserts your guests will love:

1 Pilgrim Hat Cookies

You don't actually need to bake cookies to create this dessert. You can just buy packaged cookies at the store to use for your base. Then you can grab marshmallows, chocolate chips, and yellow icing. After you melt the chocolate chips, you can dip the marshmallows in them and stick them on top of your cookie. Then it's time to decorate with the yellow icing!

2 Turkey Cupcakes

What's more delicious than a regular cupcake? A cupcake in the shape of a turkey! You should start by creating cupcakes in the same way you usually do. Then you can create the turkey's face with sugar paste, buttercream, and a stick. When you're finished with that, it's time to work on his feathers!

3 Turkey Cake

This cake will fool your guests into thinking there's a second turkey for them to eat. You should start by creating a rectangular cake. Then you should grab some brown buttercream, vanilla buttercream, green buttercream, and jelly bellies. After you cut the cake into the correct shape, you can start decorating!

4 Thanksgiving Cookies

Don't settle for boring, plain cookies. You can make cookies with leaves on them, instead! They're not only perfect for Thanksgiving, but for any other day in fall. As long as you have a yummy cookie recipe and some icing, you'll be able to create this elaborate design. Just be patient, because if you rush through it, you're bound to make a little mistake.

5 Corn Cookies

Besides turkey, what food comes to mind when you think of Thanksgiving? That's right, corn! For this recipe, you're going to need softened butter, white granulated sugar, an egg, vanilla extract, baking powder, flour, buttercream frosting, a bunch of reeses pieces, and a few fruit rollups. That means that the end result will be super sweet and scrumptious.

6 Turkey Peanut Butter Balls

How adorable are these? In order to make them, you'll need chocolate, tan peanut butter melting wafers, icing sugar, peanut butter, sprinkles, edible eyes, and butter. You should also buy a brownie pot mold in order to give your turkey a circular shape. It might take you a little while to make these babies, but you'll be thankful you did once you see the look on your guests' faces.

7 Pumpkin Pie Parfaits

This dessert is so easy to make that a kid could do it. Well, as long as they have a little help. If you want to make it, you're going to need graham crackers, pumpkin puree, whipped cream cheese, pumpkin pie spice, and brown sugar. When you're finished following the instructions in the video, you'll have a dessert that looks as good as it tastes.

These desserts will make all of your guests happy that you were their host. That means you're going to have to hold Thanksgiving at your house again next year! What are you planning on making for Thanksgiving?

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