8 Temptingly Tasty Alternatives to That Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie still Using Pumpkin ...

By Neecey

Pumpkin pie epitomises a traditional family thanksgiving table, just as much as the turkey does. This is a fact but nevertheless it is also a fact that never ceases to surprise me, I just can’t understand how the pumpkin pie tradition was ever allowed to evolve. Even though I am British, I love pumpkin and there are so many wonderful pumpkin based desserts that whoever decided that the pie would be the one to be served to every family on every thanksgiving must have being playing a cruel joke on future generations. And so ladies, because I know that I’m not the only person to feel this way, I’ve put together a list of 8 Temptingly Tasty Alternatives to that Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie (still using pumpkin) that you will be proud to serve your family and guests.

1 Pumpkin Bobs

This is a regional speciality from Pennsylvania, comprising of 2 pumpkin based cookies and vanilla cream, they are usually only stocked in the fall but are well worth buying if you can find them. Here’s a sneaky tip from somebody who may or may not have tried this trick. If you don’t tell the person eating the bob that you bought it, they’ll never know!

2 Pumpkin Roll

Making a pumpkin roll is an exacting chore and one that should only be undertaken by the hostess who is determined to impress her guests. You will not only need to know how to bake the roll, it must remain the perfect consistency and pliable enough for you to insert the filling and roll it up into a perfect spiral. If you get it right, all your hard work will be rewarded, these are truly delicious.

Recipe: southernfood.about.com

3 Pumpkin Pancakes

These are delicious and absolutely guaranteed to upstage pumpkin pie on any table. Raspberries are a perfect garnish to this wonderful dish but any other seasonal soft fruit will work just as well.

Recipe: allrecipes.com

4 Pumpkin Bread Pudding with Caramel Sauce

This is a satisfying and filling dessert which is best served warm and is always popular, you can always ring the changes by serving the pudding with a different sauce. Be warned though it will provide enough carbs to satisfy a small country.

Recipe: epicurious.com

5 Pumpkin Donut

You don’t always have to bake your own pumpkin based desserts to enjoy a sweet pumpkin experience. There are sometimes that it is perfectly acceptable to buy an alternate to Thanksgiving pumpkin pie. Pumpkin donuts are completely addictive and will lead to cravings that nothing but a pumpkin donut from Dunkin’ Donuts will satisfy. Pumpkin donut’s already have thousands of fans, join them now.

6 Pumpkin Crème Brulee

Simple to make and simple to eat, the combination of the silky cream texture and the caramelized sugar makes this a multi-texture desert which is sure to delight the taste buds.

Recipe: foodnetwork.com

7 Pumpkin Chip Cookies

There aren’t many people who wouldn’t prefer a freshly baked cookie to pumpkin pie, try a drop (or more) of schnapps to keep out the winter chill. This is a very grown up choice and packs a mature punch. Definitely my favourite pumpkin based dessert and the one that I’ll be serving this winter.

Recipe: cooks.com

8 Pumpkin-Chocolate Quick Bread

Just thinking about removing a loaf of this from the oven and spreading a piece with something delicious is enough to send me hurrying to the store to buy the ingredients in a way that never happens when I think about pumpkin pie.

Recipe: verybestbaking.com

And so ladies, I give you a toast – to the end of pumpkin pie! We must be strong and not allow it to be our cross to bear any longer. We should remove the pumpkin pie blinkers from our eyes and go forth into a new age of delicious pumpkin based

desserts. I for one will not be serving mundane pie ever again whilst I can choose from these 8 Temptingly Tasty Alternatives to that Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie (still using pumpkin). Do you serve pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving?

Top Image Source: pinterest.com

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