The Perfect Recipe for Smashed Cookies That is Totally Delicious ...

By Emily

I've just got to share this recipe for smashed cookies with you. Do you have a dessert from your childhood that you only got at home and nowhere else? I’m not talking about a homemade dessert when you can buy a store-bought version. I’m talking a specialty dessert that was only in existence in your house. I had one of those and it is actually a very simple dessert. My mom used to take a bunch of Nilla Wafers and put them in a single-serving bowl. Then she would pour a little bit of milk to soften the wafers and then smash them up into a consistency similar to a milkshake only not cold and no taste of ice cream. We called them Smashed Cookies. My sister, my brother, and I loved them so much. If you put just the right amount of wafers and milk, you get an awesome texture and a consistency that is heavenly. Want the recipe for smashed cookies so you can make them for yourself?

Whenever I get the chance, I still make myself a bowl of Smashed Cookies. Once I have children, I will treat them to a bowl of Smashed Cookies and have them fall in love with it like I did as a kid. But when I was a teenager, it occurred to me that the dish didn’t need to be limited just to Nilla Wafers. I could do the same with other cookies. And so I did with Oreos. The recipe requires smashing the cookies in milk and why not with Milk’s Favorite Cookie XD. The outcome with Oreos was overwhelming. I have a high tolerance for decadence but the Smashed Oreos were just too decadent to eat straight up. However, I used a little bit as a sauce on top of vanilla ice cream and it was magical.

Even though the Oreos were somewhat of a success, I still prefer the Smashed Cookies with Nilla Wafers as they take me down the memory lane of my childhood.The Nilla Wafers work best anyway to get the consistency and texture that is required for the perfect bowl.

As to how Smashed Cookies came to be, my older sister has severe cerebral palsy and is unable to chew her food. Before she was switched to tube-feeding, my parents would smash or blend her food in order for her to swallow more easily. One day my mom smashed up some Nilla Wafers with milk to serve my sister as a treat and the amazing dessert was born.

Truly, you should try this out for yourself. When it comes to how many cookies and how much milk is needed, it depends on how big of a serving you want. You’ll just have eyeball it and do a little trial and error. Enjoy!

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