19 of Today's Extraordinary Cake and Dessert Inspo for Ladies Who Can't Give up Decadence ...

By Sophie

Satisfy your sugar craving with the most delicious cakes, sweets and desserts from Instagram. Get ready to see what you're eating for dessert today but first here's a bonus - our baking tip of the day:

Never, ever overstir your batter.

1 @stylesweetca

You're going to love this so much!

2 @dessertbae

Food, glorious food!

3 @bakedideas

Sweetness has never been so delicious before!

4 @desserts_pleasure

This is a killer treat no one will be able to resist.

5 @petitedessert

Cheat days have never been this much fun before!

6 @tradefoods

Yum yum in your tum

7 @beyondfrosting

Feed your soul!

8 @roselle_to

Truly scrumptious!

9 @dominiqueansel

Jealous, much?

10 @chocolatecoveredkatie

Mix it, cook it, eat it!

11 @bakerbynature

Stop drooling and start cooking right now!

12 @dessertgram

Here's a treat that will make any day better!

13 @katie_clova

Who cares about the calories?

14 @davidhchow

This is a treat you have to try today!

15 @birdsblack

Let your mouth water over this decadent delight

16 @thaliaho

A decadent sweet that impresses.

17 @izyhossack

Looks too good to eat.

18 @theboywhobakes

You've never tasted anything quite like this before.

19 @anastasiiafilipova

Nom nom nom!

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