8 Low Fat Dessert Ideas ...

By Alison

Do you love desserts, but worry about what they will do to your waistline? How happy would you be if I told you that you can have your cake and eat it? If you choose carefully, you can have a delicious low fat dessert. Here are some luxurious and tasty recipes to show that low fat doesn’t have to mean dull!

1 Low Fat Lemon Meringue Roulade

I’m sure if I made this, it would be more wreck than roulade, since I am not that good with delicate culinary work! It does look gorgeous though, and thanks to the use of fat-free Greek yoghurt won’t pile on the calories. Strawberries would be a tasty alternative or addition to the berries in the filling.

2 Chocolate and Coffee Mousse

You’d think that a mousse would have about a million calories per serving, but fear not. This is a low fat dessert that won’t have your arteries screaming for mercy. Besides, it’s got nuts in – why, it’s practically health food!

3 Terrine of Summer Fruits

Just imagine how gorgeous and refreshing this terrine would be to finish off a meal on a hot day. Plus it would look absolutely beautiful. The recipe is a little bit fiddly, but bound to be worth the effort – why not try it for a special dinner?

4 Apricot and Ginger Souffles

Apricots and ginger is one of those made-for-each-other combinations. While souffles are one of those recipes that make people nervous, it’s not as complicated as they think. Just remember the golden rule – DON’T open the oven to check how they’re doing!

5 Whole Strawberry Ice Cream

What sums up summer more than ice cream? It’s really not that difficult to make, even if you don’t have an ice cream maker – the only problem is waiting for it to freeze! The home-made version is so much tastier than most shop makes, and you know that it’s made of fresh, natural ingredients.

6 Low Fat Chocolate Cookies

Low fat cookies? That must be the answer to a few prayers! Cookies are a perennial favourite, and these are actually double choc chip (my favourites). For a variation, try adding white choc chips, or mixing both kinds for triple choc chip cookies!

7 Low Fat Pumpkin Muffins

Here’s a change from pumpkin pie. I love muffins, but I’d never have thought of making them with pumpkin! Hmm, I might just be tempted to vary from my usual choc chip muffins and try these out.

8 Grilled Tropical Fruit

Fruit is perfect for a low fat dessert, and tropical fruit makes a pleasant change from more familiar fruit. If you want to make it truly low fat, then leave out the ice cream accompaniment, if you can bear to!

If you’re trying to follow a low fat diet, it can be done without depriving yourself of delicious desserts. These tasty recipes show how you can have a variety of low fat desserts and not feel at all bored. What’s your favourite low fat dessert, or do you just eat what you like?

Top Photo Credit: realmomkitchen.com

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