9 Guilt-Free Desserts That Taste Incredible ...

By Heather

Low Fat Desserts that taste good are hard to find. I hate the fact that it seems like – if you want a dessert that isn't going to leave you wanting more, you're gonna have to resort to something fatty. Ladies, before you reach for the cheesecake, take a look at the top 9 low fat desserts that I have up my sleeve! I promise, these low fat desserts are delicious and will fill you right up!

1 Chocolate Raspberry Thumbprints

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I totally love thumbprint cookies. I think that they are so, so delicious and if done right, they can be completely guilt free! This is one of the few low fat desserts that tastes fattening, but totally isn't. It's also super easy to make!

2 Chocolate-Dipped Peppermint Sticks

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These are totally one of the ultimate holiday cookies. Basically, you just make a basic cookie dough, add in some peppermint extract, some food coloring and you got some awesome low fat desserts that are so festive and beautiful! Personally? I think these are my favorite!

3 Whole Grain Gingersnaps

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I actually didn't think that gingersnaps could be low fat – but when you use whole grains, they are way healthier and have a ton of less fat in them. Just a bit of ginger, some baking soda, whole wheat and white flour all mixed together and you got an awesome tasting cookie for all of your guests! I promise, these will go quickly at your next holiday party!

4 Fig-Filled Moons

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I never really tasted a fig – until I made these awesome little fig-filled moon pies. They are sweet, they are low fat and they taste awesome! Try 'em ladies, you'll definitely get addicted!

5 Chocolate Pinwheels

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If you're looking for chocolate low fat desserts, why not go with chocolate pinwheels? These little triple chocolate wheels are delicious, totally chocolatey and taste so high in fat – but they aren't! Try 'em, I know you'll love 'em!

6 Poached Pears with Red Raspberry Sauce

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If you're looking for more of a plated dessert, why not try something quick and easy like a poached pear? They only take about 5 minutes to poach, throw them together with some raspberry sauce and you got the perfect dessert. I love this high-end dessert and it's super easy to make!

7 Apple Pie Spice Rugelach

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Apple pie is one of the few things that I miss my about grandmother's baking. Not only did she make the moistest pie in the whole world, but she made the most delicious pie crust. Well ladies, this is almost just like a little bit of that pie in the form of a cookie. It doesn't take a ton of time to make and these low fat desserts will go fast!

8 Whole Wheat Sugar Cookies

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Sugar cookies are a huge part of every holiday for me. With the holidays right around the corner, why not whip up a batch of whole wheat sugar cookies? Instead of a lot of white flour, replace it with whole wheat. It'll make all of the difference!

9 Simple Holiday Bark

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Finally, if you're looking some simple bark to make up and lay out for your holiday party, this is it. It's super easy to make, low in fat and tastes delicious! White chocolate, dark chocolate and some candy canes or peppermint candies. That's all she wrote with this incredible candy!

Low fat desserts don't have to mean low flavor. These are just 9 low fat desserts that taste awesome and that will make any party (especially holiday ones) that much better. What type of low fat desserts do you like? Have any recipes to share?

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