8 Fast and Easy Valentine's Desserts Ready in 5 Minutes with This Video ...

By Eliza

It's that time of year again and I bet you're looking for some fast and easy Valentine's dessert recipes. Whether you're whipping up a treat for your kids' classroom parties or you want to make something for your significant other, the video here is packed with great ideas. And the best part is that they come together in just a few minutes.

The video, courtesy of My Cupcake Addiction, has something for everyone. From conversation heart cupcakes to a chocolate cake filled with little chocolates, Valentine's Day will never be the same with these delicious treats. When you watch the video, you may think the desserts are too elaborate and hard to do, but the truth is that each of them is fast and simple and will be done no time at all.

At this time of year, there are loads of Valentine's Day desserts to lure and tempt you in, but if you want only fast and easy Valentine's dessert recipes, this video is the one for you. Just when you thought you'd have to go buy another pack of grocery store cookies or cupcakes at the supermarket, comes this tutorial full of 5-minute desserts that are perfect for sharing with anyone this year on the day of love. Enjoy!

Looks yummy, don't they? Which one are you going to make this year? Who are you sharing with?

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