Dessert Hacks for Girls Who Need a Tasty Treat ASAP ...Hacks You Have to Try ...

By Holly

Pop has come up with some of the most delicious dessert hacks of all time. They're perfect for when you're planning on hosting a party, or even for when you're planning on eating a small snack alone. No matter what the occasion is, they're sure to help you have an easier time in the kitchen. Get ready to eat, because here are some of the greatest dessert hacks of all time:

1 Marshmallow Frosting

food, dessert, icing, cake, coconut,If you've forgotten to pick up a can of icing, but already have cupcakes in the oven, you don't have to worry. You can simply place a few marshmallows on top of those cupcakes when there is only a minute left of cooking time. When they melt, they'll taste just as amazing as any icing ever could.

2 Instant Ice Cream Sandwiches

food, meal, breakfast, produce, dish,Instead of buying ice cream sandwiches, you can make them out of the ingredients you already have in your own fridge. Simply use a knife to cut a slice out of your regular ice cream container, and then place the chunk between two cookies. Yum!

3 Keeping Your Cake Fresh

food, chocolate cake, dessert, cake, produce,If you've only eaten a few pieces of your birthday cake, you can use bread to keep the dessert fresh. When you place a slice of bread against the exposed edges of the cake, it'll keep it from getting stale. Then you can eat that cake all week long!

4 Cookie Cups

food, dessert, produce, coconut, muffin,Wouldn't you love to place your favorite ice cream into a cookie cup? Then all you have to do is grab a muffin tin from your kitchen. Spread cookie dough on the underside of it and bake it just like that!

5 Faster Brownie Baking

food, dessert, peanut butter cup, chocolate brownie, hazelnut,Instead of creating a large cake or tray of brownies in your oven, you can create smaller portions in a short amount of time. How? Grab your waffle iron and place the batter inside of it. Then it won't take long to cook or cool your dessert!

6 Popsicle Protection

color, red, blue, green,If you're worried about getting the juice of an ice cream pop all over your hands, all you need is a cupcake liner. Push the stick through the center of it to create a barrier that'll protect your hands.

7 Cutting the Cake

food, plant, produce, citrus, fruit,If you don't trust yourself with a knife, you can use a piece of dental floss (that's not flavored) to cut through the dessert. As long as it's soft enough, you shouldn't have a problem.

It's time to reward yourself with the snack of your choosing. What other dessert hacks have you used in the past?

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