17 Delicious Desserts That Are Completely Gluten-Free ...

By Lyndsie

So, this is obvious, really, but I love desserts. I do. I'm not even sorry. I think everyone should be able to enjoy desserts, even if you have certain preferences or dietary restrictions. In that spirit, I've trolled Instagram for the most delicious gluten-free desserts I can find – and I was not disappointed. I mean, I am not at all gluten-free – I'm all about the gluten – but I want to make (or at least eat) all of these. I don't think I'm alone, either. If you have a sweet tooth, I think you'll be craving these gluten-free treats, too!

1 This Gorgeous Tart

A simple raspberry tart is a delicious dessert – and this one uses no gluten! You might want to try it at your next dinner party.

2 This Coconut Vanilla Caramel Cupcake

Coconut. Caramel. Vanilla. Cupcake. I see absolutely nothing wrong here.

3 This Mexican Chocolate Mousse

Mexican chocolate is magical. Making it into a mousse is pretty magical, too. Doesn't this look rich and fudgy and delicious?

4 This Frosted Coconut Cupcake

I'm all for coconut, but I also can't get over that frosting. Such a pretty shade of purple!

5 These Simple, Delicious Strawberries

Oh, strawberries and cream – a quintessential summer dessert that always pleases the palate! Really, though, this is such a treat – it's light, healthy, and always yummy.

6 This Outstanding Brownie Sandwich

Gluten-free brownies and a dollop of sweetness in the middle. This is a gorgeous, simple, easy dessert.

7 This Apple with Some Yummy Nut Butter

Who says a dessert has to be ooey, gooey, and super sweet? Something simple, wholesome, and filling can satisfy your sweet tooth, too.

8 This Yogurt Garnished with Rose Petals

Oh … this is so pretty! You want to make a dessert for someone special, forget the heart-shaped cookies and try this instead.

9 These Rich Shortbread Cookies

Shortbread is so good. It is so, so good. Shortbread with chocolate is so much better. It is so, so much better.

10 All These Gluten-free Sweets

They look so delicate and sweet! I love the flowers, too. Actually, this whole photo is my fave.

11 This Decadent Smoothie Bowl

This ain't your momma's smoothie, y'all. This is a straight-up dessert smoothie.

12 These Perfect Cupcakes

Oh, I need these right now. The chocolate, the pistachios – I'm all about these cupcakes!

13 This Ice Cream

So many flavors to choose from! So many sprinkles! So much chocolate!

14 This Masterpiece of a Cupcake

As you can see, I have a thing for cupcakes. As you can also see, it's very easy to make a delicious cupcake without using gluten.

15 This Magnificent Mousse

You really can't go wrong with chocolate and coconut. You can't go wrong with mousse, either.

16 These Creative Confections

The fruit tart is a fruit tart, obviously, and it's lovely. That other gorgeous creation is a raspberry, rose, and chocolate mousse cheesecake. Yum!

17 This Mouthwatering Mango Dessert

That looks so smooth and creamy – and I'm a fan of anything that includes pistachios, even if they're just a garnish!

Anybody want to share any recipes for their favorite gluten-free desserts?

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