20 Bakers on IG All Brides Need to Follow for Cake Inspiration ...

By Eliza

So you're getting married? Congratulations! Planning a wedding is no small feat and your cake is definitely something you don't want to save for the last minute. You'll want to order it ahead of time, especially from a popular bakery so they can fit you into their schedule. You'll also want to take some time to decide what you consider a perfect wedding cake. Still stuck? Get a load of these wedding cake Instagram accounts, shared with us by Brit.co, for all the inspiration you could ever want.

1 @jennaraecakes

Queens of decadent macaroons and bright designs, these Canadian twins are known for their elegant wonders that’ll pop right off your screen.

2 @ninecakes

Specializing in creative and handmade designs, this Brooklyn bakery focuses on the delicate details, like incredible gold edging.

3 @sweetbakes_

Alisha Henderson is as close to a baking wizard that there is. From cookies to wedding cakes, her eye for design will transform your favorite sugary treat into total eye candy.

4 @thecakeblog

Your cake-loving wishes have been granted! All of the very best bakers are highlighted on The Cake Blog’s IG feed. Scroll through to find your new favorite chefs and maybe even the wedding cake of your dreams.

5 @kneadtomake

Less is more. Using simple designs and a holistic approach, Cathy Haebe is a confectionary artist that will bring your vision to life.

6 @stylesweetca

If you’ve dreamt of making your own wedding cake, this account is a must-follow. It’s filled with DIY tips and home-baked sweets, which will turn you into a baking master just in time for your big day.

7 @theartfulcaker

If you are looking for the ultimate in glam and decadence, this is the place to go. The styled sweets are filled with that little extra somethin’ that will have all of your guests drooling.

8 @tessapinner

When people say that a cake is too pretty to eat, Tessa’s designs are *exactly* what they’re talking about. Don’t be fooled by the size, because these small-but-mighty desserts will be perfect for your intimate nuptials.

9 @maggieaustincake

Go big or go home! Maggie Austin is the ultimate wedding cake baker, with extravagant creations that absolutely demand attention.

10 @sweetfix

When it comes to spring weddings, the more flowers the better! These babes make it a priority to craft your custom cake from scratch and match both your theme and color palette.‌‌

11 @brooklynbaker

Matt and Nato of Baked NYC seriously heart cake. Their fun designs are perfect for the modern couple who loves a delicious dessert with a gorg design.

12 @whippedbakeshop

As masters of the drip cake, this Philly-based bakery fills their feed with edible works of art that will have you wondering how long you’ve been scrolling.

13 @missladybirdcakes

The only thing better than one gorgeous cake is three! Stunning doesn’t even begin to describe the endless posts of sugary sweetness that take over this account. The modern designs and surprising flavor combos will make it easy for you to envision your perfect cake.

14 @cakesbycliff

Get ready to be completely overwhelmed (in the best way) by geometric shapes and intricate patterns. Cliff is not only a baker, but an artist that will make you want to throw traditional wedding cakes out the window.

15 @laelcakes

All of your dietary needs will be covered with this Brooklyn-based bakery that specializes in vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free desserts.

16 @katherine_sabbath

This renaissance baker definitely isn’t afraid of a little color. Her feed is filled with bright and beautiful delights, super stylish selfies, and her adorable dog, Pluto. Start following her and you’ll instantly fall in love with the elegant cakes and the baker behind them.

17 @genevastone

This cake is magical AF. Perfect for your whimsical bridal shower or bachelorette shindig, this OC-based pastry chef will deliver yummy goodness right to the party!

18 @shelbyssweetshoppe

Scroll through this account for pretty desserts that never end. The close-up details will give you an inside look at what it truly takes to develop a couple’s dream cake.

19 @whippedcakeco

Amie is a self-taught baker that will turn whatever flavor you choose into a spectacle that will guarantee total infatuation.

20 @kakebydarci

This incredible, minimalist cake is a tiny taste of the unique array of designs filling Darci’s feed. You’ll be inspired to spice up your white buttercream cake with geodes, textures, or even sparklers!‌‌

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