Awesome Macaron Inspos That All Foodies Will Love ...

By Lyndsie

So, I think we all know that I'm a fan of all things French, yes? And I'm sure it's quite clear that I also adore macarons. Bearing that in mind, that is what I have for you today – just a bunch of beautiful, delicate, delicious, perfect macarons. Drool over them. Be inspired by them. Shake your fist at your screen because of your inability to get your own macarons this perfect – or maybe that's just me!

1 That Squiggle

That's the most perfect squiggle I've ever seen. Somehow, it makes the whole macaron look even tastier.

2 These Heart-shaped Macarons

These are so darling! Maybe you ought to think about getting these for your Valentine the next time Valentine's Day rolls around, huh?

3 An Assorted Box, a Parisian Feeling

Honestly, I'm just in love with this whole photo. The whole thing. I want to live in this picture.

4 Pastel Appeal

You just know all three flavors taste divine. Also, these are some pretty large macarons, man.

5 That Filling ...

Oh. Oh my. There are raspberries in that macaron.

6 This Martini Glass Full of Yum

Forget martinis. I'd take a glass full of macarons any day of the week, to be honest.

7 Macarons and Milkshakes

I need this in my life. Then in my mouth. And then in my stomach.

8 Macarons under the Eiffel Tower

Speaking from experience, this is as awesome and it looks and macarons somehow taste better when you eat them in plain view of the tower.

9 They Were All Yellow

Sorry for quoting Coldplay, but I mean, oh man. Lemon macarons with blueberries on top. Yes, ma'am.

10 Two-toned

Brilliant idea – and so pretty! Oh, think of all the color combinations you could put together!

11 Like This One

This is practically a Pantone party, macaron style.

12 Picture in Picture

Meta macarons. Macaronception. I dig it.

13 All That Glitters is Gold

These are drop dead gorgeous – perfect for a wedding. Those cupcakes don't look too bad, either.

14 This Pretty, Pretty Cake

I absolutely adore this. I love the whole gorgeous cartoon effect of it.

15 When in Paris …

I … I need a minute to myself. Carry on about your business.

16 There's No Such Thing as Too Many Macarons

Especially when they're this pretty. Love that polka dotted plate, too!

17 Rows and Rows

Those marbled macarons are absolutely stunning. I think I see some sea salt, too, or maybe coconut flakes.

18 Just One Bite

You know you want one. Look at the filling!

What's the tastiest macaron you've ever had?

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